Institute for Leadership through Education and Development (iLEAD) is a startup venture which aims to strengthen individuals and organizations through innovative and effective capacity building initiatives and impact investment so they can attain optimum capacity by unlocking untapped potential. iLEAD believes in collective wisdom through knowledge exchange, adapting contemporary learning modalities and entrepreneurial approaches.

iLEAD brings innovation in many sectors, including Education, Youth Empowerment and Leadership Development, Socio-economic Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Management & Learning, Marketing, Brand Building and Conservation for Healthy and Green Environment (CHANGE).

Action Based Research and exploration of folk wisdom play vital role in iLEAD. Communication is life blood of our continual efforts to build up image as an Innovative Organization, knitted closely with other stakeholders and partnering for strengthening and sustaining developmental efforts. iLEAD establishes its reputation of ambitious avenue through furthering the standards of excellence.





Founder and CEO's Message

In today’s life, which is rampant with enormous socio-economic and cultural challenges, innovative solution and collaborative efforts are inevitable to bring lasting positive change. In keeping with this mission, I established an Institute of Leadership through Education and Development – ILEAD, in order to bridge the gap between individuals’ intellect and industry’s requirement. Through nexus of folk wisdom and contemporary strategic approach combined with critical thinking, ILEAD helps to develop resilient communities, thriving organizations and transformed human capital.

Whether you are an individual or corporate, development sector organization and/or academia, if you could benefit from vision-driven, goal-focus and innovative team with proven expertise in education, entrepreneurship and leadership development, ILEAD will always put best foot forward for you to provide consistently valuable solution.